Double Trouble

Double Trouble
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My baby girl


My beautiful boy

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday Stroll Photo Shoot Extraordinary

My Mam took advantage of the fact that my Dad was home and he could hold my lead, leaving her free to take even more photos than usual!

She even caught us on camera having a little scrap - Ruby does tease me on my lead from time to time - but Dad always walks me on my extender lead - ha ha I managed to catch her - she got such a shock!!!

Friday, 26 February 2010


We couldn't go far today because lots of water was coming down from the sky!
Our Mam decided it was a day for STAIR FETCH

Mam threw the ball again and again and we had great fun trying to catch it and fetch it back to her - up and down the stairs we went, phew! We were exhausted. After about twenty minutes we were both huffing and puffing - just look at Ruby's tongue hanging out!

Mam said we'd have to wait a few minutes before we could have our dinner (I was once sick after playing stair fetch and then eating - tut tut)

Soon we were in doggie dreamland - oh happy,happy (if rainy) days...........

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Naughty embarrassing

I love my dogs, I really do but oh how embarrassing they can be!

I had a phone call from an old friend who I have kept in touch with but haven't actually seen for over four years. It was lovely to hear that she was going to visit on Monday afternoon. I knew we'd have lots to catch up on and that an afternoon of relaxing, girlie chat was on the cards, then you add in the beagles.......

On arrival my friend was of course given a huge welcome by Oscar and Ruby, lots of excited barking and licking and general excitement that a new human had come to see them. We had lunch and Oscar and Ruby gave us a wonderful display of play fighting - to the non-dog-owner this can appear quite surprising. After lunch I suggested we leave the table in the kitchen and go through to the comfy sofas in the living room, leaving Oscar and Ruby to have a nice sleep as they usually do at this time of day.

On exiting the kitchen, I took the cardigan and coat which my friend had hung on the back of her chair and hung them in the hall, just in case the dogs fancied snacking on a sleeve or two!?

I had expected to have to go back into the kitchen and settle the dogs after a few minutes but all was calm and quiet so I thought they had exhausted themselves with their fun fighting display. However, after 20 minutes or so I thought I should check on them as things were TOO quiet!

Oh dear!!!

On entering the kitchen I found that my friend had left her handbag hanging on the chair (I hadn't noticed this when I had removed her coat and cardi). Only it wasn't on the chair any longer, it was on the dog bed, with it's contents strewn across the kitchen floor!

Talk about embarrassing!?

My friend was really very understanding and laughed when she saw what had happened (bless her) I obviously don't know whether it was Ruby or Oscar or indeed both of them but I felt awful. They had completely destroyed a plastic biro pen, a bottle of menthol oil was broken in two and it's contents across the tiles (very strong menthol aroma still present in kitchen!)thankfully they hadn't attempted to eat her mobile but had chewed the corner of her leather purse. The remains of a female toiletry items half chewed was right in full view! and change from her purse had rolled everywhere.

Needless to say Oscar and Ruby got a strict telling off and knew they had done wrong. After clearing up the mess and profuse apologising from me, we once again went back to our chat........ low and behold we never had another peep out of Oscar and Ruby till tea time.

Added to my shopping list this weekend -

1 purse
1 bottle of menthol oil
1 pen
package and postage and yet another apology from the naughty doggies mam!

Be back soon

We'll be back on the blog after a long break! Decorating, Catch up with old friends and birthday celebrations have taken over - today is the day we get back on track - hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Decorating but still time for a game of fetch

Throw the ball Mam!

Please, please throw the ball Mam - Now!

I got it Mam, I'm fetching it!!!

Do we get a treat for bringing it back then?

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ruby got it first and now she's gone to show that big dog MY ball!

It's no good Mam, Ruby's got my ball and she won't let me bring it back!

Who me? I'm going to bring it back - just checking it out first!

What a busy couple of days - half term and I'm busier than if I were at school! We had our house rewired three years ago and I am tackling the decorating in the last room, a bedroom, to be re-done. In the past three days I have dismantled two large wardrobes, a chest of drawers, took up and disected a large carpet and removed all of the above to the local tip. I have also stripped anaglypta wallpaper, with several layers of paint encrusted on it!!! So the best part of the day has definitely been taking Oscar and Ruby for a good game of fetch up the hill. As you can see they thoroughly enjoyed it, came back very tired and slept whilst their poor Mam got back to the decorating, hey ho only painting to go tomorrow and thats it for this week.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love Is.............

Having such good friends x

V A L E N T I N E ' S


Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's a Dogs Life - and It's not half bad

A Nice sniff about on a lovely long walk, the day may be gloomy but theres nothing like a good sniff to keep Oscar and Ruby happy!

Followed by dinner of course - this part only lasts about thirty seconds lol!

Followed by a nice roughty toughty game of tug!

Then it's time to look for somewhere cosy to lay your head

Slightly strange choice for Oscar - he does this all the time - doesn't look comfy I know!

Oscar and Ruby join me for a spot of tv - desperate housewives dvd box set - fab!

Peace at last - all cosy together on the sofa! Not a bad life really x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Classic "Before and After"

These are your "before" shots!

You will remember that this is Oscar's Lady Love, Susie, and this is how she looks at the start of every walk. A proper young lady dog who takes great care of her appearance (ok, her mam Mary takes great care of her appearance). Now Susie is a game girl, she likes nothing better than a wild race around the park and if there is mud to plodge in and balls to catch she is there. I think thats why Oscar loves her so much.

These are your "after" shots!!!

Yes folks it IS the same dog!

We had a nice walk in the park this afternoon, it was still muddy, the sky was back to a murky grey, and as you can imagine it wasn't only Susie that got dirty. It was a nice walk because a lot of Oscar and Ruby's doggie pals were out and about. Here are some shots of them too.

This is Lady and a little yorkie whose name I don't know (looks a bit like Pip but it can't be him cos Hippy Pippy is on his travels!)

This is Bobby aka Grumpy Bobby (such an unfair label for such a nice chap lol)

The ever friendly Barney

This is a very bad shot of Hetty, she is another of our friends, she is a lurcher and very difficult to catch on camera, her brother never stopped racing around long enough for me to even get a bad shot - I'll have to try again with these two because they are gorgeous too.
Oscar and Ruby went home tired, Oscar even got to have a little chase around himself as I dropped his lead for a few minutes so he could chase a ball with Susie and Ruby. Poor Oscar he didn't stand a chance at catching Susie as Ruby insisted on trying to nip his back legs and his tail. It's a strange sight watching a beagle trying to run with his tail tucked between his legs LOL

Back at home, dinner eaten and ready for a snooze, all in all a good day