Double Trouble

Double Trouble
It's a Beagle thing!!!


My baby girl


My beautiful boy

Thursday, 22 April 2010

There is something in the air!

There is a funny smell in the air, Mam - I think I like it!

I think I can smell it too, Mam!!!

I think it might be coming from this here hole!

Yep, definitely coming from inside this hole, over here Oscar!

We could be onto a winner if only I were thinner
I'd scamper down this hole even quicker than a mole
But alas my girth is big and it's much too much to dig
If only I were thinner we'd have had rabbit for dinner!!!

Here are some views from Tunstall Hill - a nature reserve in Sunderland and a fantastic dog-walking territory

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Missing chapter - George

Since starting my blog it has troubled me that I have written about my two beagles Oscar and Ruby but not about my first beagle, and indeed first ever dog, George.

Since I was 5 years old I'd always wanted a dog but circumstances meant that it wasn't possible, even when I got married and had children it really wasn't a practical idea in the house where we lived. So after a house move and when my hubbie finally caved in to my begging, we set about looking for a dog. I wasn't worried about which breed but Phil my hubbie had a fancy for a beagle and I was happy to agree.

Through the Kennel Club website we found a breeder and set off to meet a beautiful six week old beagle pup we named George. He was gorgeous and we fell in love there and then. Two weeks later we went to fetch George home and we were so thrilled to have a new member to our family.

Over the first few months George settled in no problem and we couldn't help loving him to bits. He was such a little character, the way he ragged his favourite soft toy, and raced about each day having his mad half hour and generally endearing himself to one and all. He loved his walks and loved to meet new dogs and humans alike.

The only down side was that George had a series of episodes where he seemed to be suffering from sore limbs and he would act as if his neck was stiff and walk like a very old dog. The vet advised steriod injections and these worked like a miracle cure, so much so that in a matter of hours George would be back to his normal self and be full of energy.

However, after suffering a further episode the vet suggested that it might be wise to check out George with the help of an x-ray to see if there were any visible neck problems that may be causing the problem.

An appointment was arranged and I dropped George off at the allotted time giving him a quick pat on the head and leaving him to have his x-ray. Two and a half hours later I received a phone call from the vet telling me that George had passed away under anesthetic. To say we were all devastated was an understatement. I felt as though my heart was smashed to smitherines, it felt so unfair, so wrong, after all he had only gone in for a routine x-ray. I so wanted to believe it wasn't true, alas it was true and we all cried and cried.

George we discovered later had a disease which affects about one beagle in a thousand each year called steriod responsive meningitis. He was a ticking time bomb and could have collapsed at any time. Some beagles out=grow this condition but sadly not our beautiful George.

George was only 8 months old - here are some photos of his short but we hope very happy life

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The amazing Beagleasorus

Two thirsty beagles snapped having a drink in the beck - what a strange image they make - it looks like they have morphed into a very strange creature indeed!

We're tagged - thank you Sapphire

The game's rules are:

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it
4. Tag 5 more people

This is one of my favourites of Oscar at about a year old - We'd had an extra long walk and Oscar climbed onto the new sofa and looked so heavy eyed and he'd been extra good at coming back to me that day, we couldn't move him and snapped this shot instead

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sorry all....The last post was an April Fool!

I must be mad.......

Say hello to my new baby, Daisy! It's my anniversary pressie from my hubbie Phil. It was a total surprise and I thought it was a joke but oh, how beautiful is she?

A day out in this weather? I thought, is he mad? Oh but I wish we had had a camera to capture the look that must have been on my face, when we rolled up outside the kennels.

I couldn't believe how gentle both Oscar and Ruby have been with her. I couldn't have wished for a better response. So the crate is back in place in the kitchen (thank goodness I didn't get rid of it!) and toilet training is on again!!!

As you can see she is more like Oscar than Ruby, as she is a fallowfield like his lordship. She is dark at the moment but more lighter shades will come through over the next few months

I can't believe I have three dogs now - boy are my hands full, though of course Daisy won't be out and about for a few weeks yet. Wish me luck!