Double Trouble

Double Trouble
It's a Beagle thing!!!


My baby girl


My beautiful boy

Monday, 24 May 2010

All in a day's beagling....

It looks really nice and warm out there, can we go for a walk Mam ....pleaseeeeeeee!

Pretty please!

Where did that ball go???

Where did that Ruby go?????

Time for a little relaxation

And some......

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

No worries at the Quarry......

For the last few days we have visited a different walking venue, the quarry! It is an old, filled in, grassed over type of quarry and a very good spot for off lead play for two naughty beagles!

Oscar was excellent, though as you can see, still with lunge lead attached (just in case!). Ruby has proved herself to be a very good girl, and is at last getting the hang of the fetch game. I even had my youngest daughter, Sam (Samantha) in tow, so lots of fun was had by all - even the sun was shining - yeay!!!

Smaller photos than usual as we used Sam's camera

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

After chasing Ruby all over the local park for days now (such a naughty girl) I have decided she needs to be on lead just like her brother Oscar (also a naughty dog - well, as far as recall goes). So I hatched a plan that might work and not pull my arms completely out of their sockets!!!

Two collars, one coupling chain and one extender lead. As you can see from below it was a rousing success (if you don't count the few incidents where Oscar and Ruby looked like a Push me-Pull me). I haven't given up altogether on off-lead play but I'm giving my stress levels a time to lower!!!