Double Trouble

Double Trouble
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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Chasing my ball in the sun

My Mam let me loose today and what's more I got to play fetch with the ball! Ruby tried to spoil it by pinching my ball and not giving it back to Mam but after a few rugby tackles I managed to get the game back on track. My Mam seemed really pleased when I brought the ball back - let's just say there were treats involved.
This is Ruby being aloof because her plans to ruin my game have failed ha ha.
Look!!! I can come back when called just like Ruby snooty pants!

Now and then I do get little distracted - I just fancied chewing my ball a bit!
"Come on Mam, throw again!"
I even kept playing when strangers approached - what a good dog I am - Ruby just Rooed!!!

I was very tired after all the fetching - time for a nice rest, though Ruby looks like she might not be ready for sleep just yet!!!!

Still fuming that Oscar got all the praise for coming back - daft dog - I always come straight back (he didn't even know it was called "recall"). He has such a lot still to learn!!!

Thursday 20 January 2011

My life with a stalker - by Oscar

Hello there!

I can't believe we're back on our blog and already we have had quite an adventure this week! My mam took us for a walk on Tunstall Hills, I love it up there, lots of lovely smells, not to mention the tasty black balls I can eat (Mam doesn't approve, I think they must be fattening or something?!). So there we were, Me and Ruby (the pesky little sister) and Jan (that's what humans call my mam) when all of a sudden I realised I had a stalker. This stalker took the form of an English Pointer, quite handsome Jan said, but being a bloke I couldn't say. Well, at first Ruby thought that it was our friend Peter, but I told her straight away that she was wrong and it wasn't!!!(daft dog).

Well, I'm all for saying hello (as far as us dogs can say anything!!??) but this young pup was only interested in following me around and I think he wanted to dance with me or something because he kept putting his paws on my back and sort of boogeying about a lot. Jan kept trying to tell him to stop - I think she knows I'm not much of a dancer. I did notice that this dog had no collar on and what's more he didn't seem to have his Mam or Dad with him. Now I know I've tried a couple of times to go it alone on a walk but it seems to cause so many problems for Mam and Dad that these days they like me so much I stay on a lead and look after them.

Anyway, this dog stalked me all around the hill and my Mam kept watching for his Mam or Dad but this fella was all alone. It soon got dark and Jan was worried that we were up the hill in the dark and that it was time to go home, so she shooed the Pointer away, hoping that he would go back to his owner. No - he wasn't having any of it he was truly my stalker and wouldn't leave me alone - what's more he was still trying to get me to join in his dance!!!

At the bottom of the hill there is a very busy road and Jan didn't want a loose dog near that so she did a bit of dance herself and put on the "stern" voice she saves for me when I've apparently done something wrong!?! - it's usually Ruby, and chased the dog away and he went into the allottments. Mam said when she got home she would call the human called, a dog warden, who would come to the allottment and take this dog back to it's home.

Low and behold five minutes there he was back again, and we were right beside the busy road, Jan gtried to hook a spare lead over his head but he was even better than me at avoiding being caught. Eventually, after the daft dog played tig with three cars on the road Jan decided that we had better let the dog be my stalker and he followed us home safely and was captured at the side of the house behind the garden gate.

The dog warden human came and took the dog to a kennels in a big van and at last I was free of my stalker - it's hard to be so popular but it's a cross I have to bear!

In the morning Jan phoned the kennels and found out that the dog was waiting for his Mam and Dad to collect him and that he had been missing an hour already before he found us!!!

We're glad this story had a happy ending - Ruby is still confused - bless her - she still thinks the stalker dog was our friend Peter- tut.... daft dog!

This is my stalker trying to get me to dance with him - Ruby as usual trying to get in on the action!

My stalker!

Sunday 16 January 2011

We'll be back soon

We'll all be back soon with lots of updates about Oscar and Ruby and our continuous adventures!!!

I've been on a real health kick in recent months and have totally neglected the blog, so for 2011 I've decided I can keep fit and complete my blog, at least a couple of times a week - you have been warned this space.............

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby Ruby - 2 Today

Can't believe Ruby is two years old!!! She was so tiny and so very black - she has turned into a proper little lady. She is really very good and her recall is much improved - showing her brother up, constantly,lol.

Well. she has been spoilt today and as I write this entry, she is sound asleep, dreaming of birthday treats and lots of fuss!

Sunday 22 August 2010

Our Blog award from the delectable Bella & Barry

Wow! What can I say? I'm such a humble little old beagle you know but it is nice to recognised. Bella and Bary said the award was for me and now Ruby is in a huff to end all huffs = my dad would say "that's women for you" but after all it's me who does all the hard work around here.

Our friends Bella and Barry have told you what we have to do once we've accepted this prestigious award and this is it:-

Here are the rules for this reward:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the reward.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award onto 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered and think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you sent the award to, and let them know about the award.

So here we go....

1 – Thank You to our blog friends Bella and Barry
2 – Since I have 2 doggies here are 7 things about each of them…


1 He is an independant spirit
2 He loves a cuddle
3 He will eat anything left lying (mobiles, grapes used tissues)
4 He loves to run free but seldom gets the chance as his recall is almost non-existant
5 He was born 2 June 2007
6 He loves to sleep under the throw on his favourite sofa
7 His nick names are Oscy, Poscy,baby boy


1 She is definitely the boss
2 She loves everyone and insists on kissing them to prove it
3 She loves to bite Oscars legs, ears and anything else she can get hold of
4 She loves to run free and gets more chances than oscar as sh does usually come back
5 She was born November 2 2008
6 She loves to sit on your knee although she forgets shes almost too big to do that now
7 Her nick names are Ruby booby, rubes and baby girl

Here are my nominations for blogger award:-

1.Bobby @ kind hearts
2. Martha & Bailey
3. Cinnamon
4. Sapphire
5. River
6. Lorenza
7. Dughallmor Beagles
8. Lenni & Ressu
9. Two pities in the city
10.Therapy dog Josie
11. The 'sploring Wolfies
12. It's a dogs life by Kess
13. Beagle bitches
14. Xsara
and last but by no means least and to give encouragement
15. Susie

Thank you once again Bella & Barry xxx

Sunday 15 August 2010

Guess who ate a blackberry?

Yes, you guessed it, it was Oscar!!!

Not, unfortunately, the fruit variety, oh no, nothing so straight forward for my beagle boy. The blackberry Oscar chose to "eat" was the drastically more expensive type of blackberry, the blackberry bold 9700 to be exact, yes, a mobile phone! My youngest daughters new phone of only five weeks. She had come home from work and went straight into the kitchen to greet Ruby and Oscar, she'd made a big fuss of them and even treated them to a couple of biscuits each before deciding to take her jacket and bag upstairs and visit the loo. For some unfathomable reason she chose to leave her mobile on the kitchen table (we know well in our house that you can't leave anything lying on the table - both dogs know we eat at the table and therefore things on the table are good to eat!!!???).

However, Samantha did leave her phone there! When she returned Oscar had the whole thing in his jaws and was merrily chomping away. Floods of tears later and a phone call to the insurance company and calm returned to the household, though by the look on Oscar's face I think the telling off Samantha gave him had the desired affect...........

Oscar did not suffer thank goodness (other than a very loud telling off lol) and the insurance company are sending a new phone as replacement. Life is never boring with a beagle!!!

Thursday 12 August 2010

Disappearing Act

Here is Susie with the ball followed by beautiful Bella, Oscar and Ruby.

The chase is on!

Lots of good sniffing on the beach

A trip to the beach yeaterday turned into a doggie trauma! Oscar had a lovely reunion with his girlfriend Susie. Those two love nothing better than a fiesty game of play fighting! Susie and Oscar even got together and bullied poor Ruby lol (not that Ruby is scared of much, certainly not Oscar and she just loves Susie).

After a lovely game of fetch, Ruby thought it would be a good idea to grab the ball and tease Oscar with it. Ruby ran off with the ball with Oscar in hot pursuit. Before I could get to them they had ran onto the promenade and up the steps which leads to an upper promenade (beside a busy road) with me in even hotter pursuit. This is the very reason Oscar is on a long lead most of the time - I can put my foot on the lead and capture him when he has selective deafness!!!???

Yesterday, however, he had other ideas - all he could see was Ruby with the ball, she was choosing to ignore my shouts in case Oscar caught her. Thankfully, after about 200 yards, Oscar finally took the ball from Ruby and came back to me, once there was no threat from Oscar, Ruby galloped back to a very traumatised dog mam too!?

Just another typical day in the life of a Beagle mama