Double Trouble

Double Trouble
It's a Beagle thing!!!


My baby girl


My beautiful boy

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Chasing my ball in the sun

My Mam let me loose today and what's more I got to play fetch with the ball! Ruby tried to spoil it by pinching my ball and not giving it back to Mam but after a few rugby tackles I managed to get the game back on track. My Mam seemed really pleased when I brought the ball back - let's just say there were treats involved.
This is Ruby being aloof because her plans to ruin my game have failed ha ha.
Look!!! I can come back when called just like Ruby snooty pants!

Now and then I do get little distracted - I just fancied chewing my ball a bit!
"Come on Mam, throw again!"
I even kept playing when strangers approached - what a good dog I am - Ruby just Rooed!!!

I was very tired after all the fetching - time for a nice rest, though Ruby looks like she might not be ready for sleep just yet!!!!

Still fuming that Oscar got all the praise for coming back - daft dog - I always come straight back (he didn't even know it was called "recall"). He has such a lot still to learn!!!


  1. WOWZERZ - u 2 got tu play an'run outside an'it lookz really nice. We Beaglebratz gotza lotta snow an'wind an'sleet. U 2 lookz like u iz havin'fun - well, Oscar duz anyway.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

    PeeS - Hey Ruby, Shiloh here. I du unnerstand how u feel 'bout Oscar gittin'the praise. There'z alotta stuff I wood ALWAYZ du butt du u think I gotz so much praise BUTT my little sis, Shasta gotz alotta praise when she learnz stuff that I already nu.

  2. Sure you two had a great time there!
    I wish I had a big place like yours to go and have lots of fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Oh Oscar I'm so proud of you Jan will be over the moon it's alright for Ruby she dos'ent understand because she has always been a good girl
    Licks and tail wags Susie

  4. What a terrific frown on Ruby's face. So beaglely!

  5. wow what space you beagles have there :)

  6. Yes you have a big garden.
    Oscar tell your mum she is a lazy blogger.
    Licks Bobby.

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