Double Trouble

Double Trouble
It's a Beagle thing!!!


My baby girl


My beautiful boy

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How Strange!

I was awoken this afternoon by a very impatient Ruby! She said I had to come and see the new beagle!! A new beagle???!!! Mam never said anything about that!? Although come to think of it, she never said anything about Ruby coming till it was too late and she was already here.

Come on Oscar, hurry up

Ok, ok I'm coming (a dog just can't snooze in peace around here anymore!)

Quick, it's over here in this cage

Come and see's a very small beagle

Well, Ruby I'm not sure it's quite up to breed standard.......and it is awfully small for a beagle!

This beagle is the right colour but I can't see a tail

No, definitely no tail...........

Ruby and Oscar escaped into the living room whilst I was emptying the kitchen bin and discovered Sarah's hamster, Jeremy. It seems all animals in our house have to be tri-coloured!

I only wonder what poor Jeremy thought at the sight of two giant hamsters!!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sibling Squabbles

Ruby started it!

She nipped my ear with her really sharp teeth!

I got a lucky break and got the better of her for once!

She got more than she bargained for ha ha!

Ruby went all huffy so I did my Tommy Cooper impression to cheer her up!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Oscar where are you???

This is Oscar's new trick - Now you see me, now you don't! You would think he might feel claustrophobic, you might think he would get too hot, you might even think how can he breathe but no - He absolutely loves hiding under the throw and snoring his head off. It cracks me up every time I walk into the kitchen and see this fluffy mound of fleece throw that is Oscar.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Happy Boy

What a lovely Spring afternoon, temperatures actually in double figures yeay!

I've been very brave in letting Oscar off on his long lead in the park, as I usually only allow this kind of fun up the hill. It makes me smile to see just how happy my boy is when he gets this freedom. There he was chasing after his ball and then showing it off to all his pals and leading them on a lovely run!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Favourite photos

This is a shot of Oscar at about twelve months old - he'd had a long walk and been fed and was just settling down for a nice snooze - however, those eyes still have a little glimmer of mischief in them - that's my boy!

This is a favourite because it is funny - I think it looks like Oscar is showing Ruby the art of sitting nicely for a treat.

This is a shot of Ruby at sbout three months old lying contentedly on top of a sound asleep Oscar snuggled in a blanket.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Running Wild (always) and Free (almost)

There go my little darlings, slightly futher away than I would have liked. Yes, that's them, the little specs in amongst the crocus'. I decided to let Oscar have some freedom in the park. Usually, I only let him off on an extra long lead up the hill, but today the sun was shining and I thought, why not!

They both had a lovely time chasing the ball, Ruby, of course, does not quite understand the fetch game and Oscar has to chase her and grapple the ball from her. Oscar will fetch the ball back for a small treat. Here they are - Ruby tormenting Oscar by running faster than him with the ball firmly gripped in her jaws!

Oscar and Ruby had such a good run, especially Oscar, that after their dinner and at only 5.30pm................

One sound asleep Oscar, complete with curly paws cute

One almost gone Ruby - peace came really early in our house tonight, time for Mam to put her feet up and reflect on a lovely walk in the sunshine.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

What happened to the last twelve months???

How did this little pup turn into a fiesty little madame we all know and love as Ruby!?? I was glancing through some old photos and thought I'd share

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Totally Terrific Tuesday

We met Bobby!

We met Pip aka Hippy Pip!

We met Susie - Oscar's lady love!

We met Henry!

We met Barney who had just had a magnificent haircut!

At last it actually feels like Spring! Although still mighty cold on our early morning walk, by afternoon the temperatures were almost in double figures!!!! A lovely stroll in the park and lots of doggie pals came along to enjoy the sunshine