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Double Trouble
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Monday, 8 March 2010

Running Wild (always) and Free (almost)

There go my little darlings, slightly futher away than I would have liked. Yes, that's them, the little specs in amongst the crocus'. I decided to let Oscar have some freedom in the park. Usually, I only let him off on an extra long lead up the hill, but today the sun was shining and I thought, why not!

They both had a lovely time chasing the ball, Ruby, of course, does not quite understand the fetch game and Oscar has to chase her and grapple the ball from her. Oscar will fetch the ball back for a small treat. Here they are - Ruby tormenting Oscar by running faster than him with the ball firmly gripped in her jaws!

Oscar and Ruby had such a good run, especially Oscar, that after their dinner and at only 5.30pm................

One sound asleep Oscar, complete with curly paws cute

One almost gone Ruby - peace came really early in our house tonight, time for Mam to put her feet up and reflect on a lovely walk in the sunshine.


  1. A tired dog is a good dog! Isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine and feel it!
    Lovely walk and good ball grappling skills there!
    Martha & Bailey xx
    ps our mum has always wanted a basset hound puppy - they are so adorable, beagles are too. Must be the ears!

  2. Yes sun shine flowers its lovely, then there is the mud. I am glad Oscar had a run about.

  3. I wish I had a place like that here to run free!
    Sure you two had lots of fun!
    And then... a good nap!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Good to hear that you both had a good free run! I find fetching hard, because I don't want to give anyone anything I've got!

  5. That looks like a great place to run free! I'm glad they were able to snooze immediately bol

    love & wags,