Double Trouble

Double Trouble
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My beautiful boy

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Disappearing Act

Here is Susie with the ball followed by beautiful Bella, Oscar and Ruby.

The chase is on!

Lots of good sniffing on the beach

A trip to the beach yeaterday turned into a doggie trauma! Oscar had a lovely reunion with his girlfriend Susie. Those two love nothing better than a fiesty game of play fighting! Susie and Oscar even got together and bullied poor Ruby lol (not that Ruby is scared of much, certainly not Oscar and she just loves Susie).

After a lovely game of fetch, Ruby thought it would be a good idea to grab the ball and tease Oscar with it. Ruby ran off with the ball with Oscar in hot pursuit. Before I could get to them they had ran onto the promenade and up the steps which leads to an upper promenade (beside a busy road) with me in even hotter pursuit. This is the very reason Oscar is on a long lead most of the time - I can put my foot on the lead and capture him when he has selective deafness!!!???

Yesterday, however, he had other ideas - all he could see was Ruby with the ball, she was choosing to ignore my shouts in case Oscar caught her. Thankfully, after about 200 yards, Oscar finally took the ball from Ruby and came back to me, once there was no threat from Oscar, Ruby galloped back to a very traumatised dog mam too!?

Just another typical day in the life of a Beagle mama


  1. It is such an exciting life living with hounds! I can truly empathise with that heart stopping scene!
    Indeed yesterday I had a two hour trek chasing Martha who had taken off after a deer.
    Managed to keep Bailey on the lead but the two of them let off great hound squeals of excitement!
    Non hound owners clearly thinking we were all mad. Sweat lashing off me as I tried to fight my way through the six foot ferns - the great bit was that I fell into a ditch!!!!
    Ah yes, never a dull moment - can't wait until you get your third.........!

  2. Sounds like a scary moment!
    Glad he came back safely!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Pity Ruby stole the ball just as me and Oscar were fighting over it we always have an exiting time when we meet up funny how Mary and Jan seem so uptight they have no sense of fun.
    licks and tail wags Susie