Double Trouble

Double Trouble
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Thursday, 22 April 2010

There is something in the air!

There is a funny smell in the air, Mam - I think I like it!

I think I can smell it too, Mam!!!

I think it might be coming from this here hole!

Yep, definitely coming from inside this hole, over here Oscar!

We could be onto a winner if only I were thinner
I'd scamper down this hole even quicker than a mole
But alas my girth is big and it's much too much to dig
If only I were thinner we'd have had rabbit for dinner!!!

Here are some views from Tunstall Hill - a nature reserve in Sunderland and a fantastic dog-walking territory


  1. get them rabbids!
    nature reserve is so beautiful.

  2. Pawesome place for a walkie!
    A rabbit for dinner sounds delicious to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. We would offer to help but let's face it if you beagles can't fit down the hole there is no chance of us bassets!
    Rabbit stew sounds delightful.
    We have heard of Tunstall Hill - it looks like a great place for us dogs to go walking - lots of good sniffing.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  4. If you had not got a little rotund you might have caught the rabbit, fatty.

  5. In a park we sometimes go to for walks, there are so many rabbits' holes in the ground as well as so many rabbits' poos!

  6. BOL! We have lots of holes like that, but there are chipmunks in them. I have to tell my little brother Blues not to dig because daddy doesn't like the lawn dug up. Love the shot with you both looking in the hole. BOL...too funny.

    Much Love,
    Josie and Blues

  7. Why, I didn't know you're a poet at heart! Pity abt the rabbit.