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Double Trouble
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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The imfamous Grape Incident

Well, today was quite uneventful, a nice quiet on lead walk this morning in the rain, and a good off-lead run up on the hill this afternoon, again in the rain-you may be able to tell from this that I'm not at all a fan of winter weather!

So let me tell you instead of one of Oscar's imfamous escapades, of which there are many.

It happened when Oscar was just over a year old. We had been out for a nice morning run, followed by lots of housework by me and a snooze for his lordship. Again followed by another long run in the park on the afternoon, after which, having eaten his tea, Oscar settled down to a nice sleep, as dogs like to do, and I set off to do some shopping, as woman like to do!

Upon my return I found a kitchen floor covered in shredded white kitchen roll, and my daugther scolding Oscar for raiding the kitchen waste bin. I had had a very busy morning clearing out the fridge of unused,out of date food, cleaning my kitchen hob with copious amounts of kitchen roll(now shrewn right across the kitchen floor).
My daughter was so outraged at Oscar's naughtiness I started to see the funny side, that is until I remembered that the bin also contained the hardly-touched zip-top bag of grapes I'd had to throw away that morning.

Now grapes, if you didn't already know, are poisonous to dogs and can cause renal failure! Thankfully, I had read about this and knew I had to act quickly. To cut a very long story short, I had to rush Oscar to the animal hospital at Heworth, where they made him sick, violently sick apparently. They then had to keep him overnight (I might as well have stayed too, I got no sleep for worrying). They had to do lots of blood tests and observations throughout the night but thankfully he was allowed home the next morning. Then there was an agonising three day wait for a second blood test which thankfully gave the all clear.

This was the first time Oscar had ever raided the kitchen bin and the last(I haven't had one on show since then lol).

As you can see life is never dull or easy with my Oscar the Beagle! but we all love him to bits! Below is Oscar complete with bandage from the drip he also had to have overnight at the animal hospital.


  1. hi jan just clicked on oscars profile while on kind hearts now im going to be addicted to two blogs mary and susie

  2. Ah! Ha! you told about the grapes, we went over to Roker this afternoon it was freezing, but at least they came back clean. He does look sorry for himself

  3. I am sure that was a scary episode!
    Glad everything went well!
    There are lots of things we MUST not eat... but sometimes they are very tempting!
    Kisses and hugs