Double Trouble

Double Trouble
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Friday, 22 January 2010

Poor Oscar

Poor Oscar ..... we were having a lovely walk today in the park when we bumped into a nice dog we know called Marcy and her friend name unknown. We have met these dogs before on our travels,the dogs have always seemed friendly enough, Marcy bounds around like a typical lab- the other dog, well she seems more timid. Whilst passing the time of day with Marcy's owner the other dog started to give a low rumbling growl at Oscar. Oscar ignored this and was standing by my side watching the world go by. All of a sudden the growling stopped and the dog launched herself at an unsuspecting Oscar - poor boy got a fright and showed some teeth back - all was soon over and we thought it was all noise. I asked if the dog had ever done that before to any other dogs and the owner seemed as puzzled why it had happened as I was, at that we went on our way. Oscar seemed fine and had no obvious marks on him, we met other friends, human and doggie, then made our way home for tea.

Only after tea did we realise that Oscar's ear was bleeding (he does have big ears being a beagle and the three little teeth marks were on the underneath side of his ear). Bless him, he was very brave as I washed the wound gently with anti-bacterial soap and applied savlon. It looks nice and clean so no real harm done. Poor boy was standing minding his own business, hadn't even given this dog a cursary sniff and he got into trouble.

Oscar got big hugs from me and sympathy kisses from Ruby aaaaahhhhhhhh.


  1. What happened to that doggie girl??
    Glad you are ok, Oscar!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hope Oscar is okay, that dog has done that before it is a highly strung dog. Marcy used to be like that but she has calmed down now. Did other dog have a ball. Bet you enjoyed passing the time of day with their owner. We saw Mary at the beach, forgot to wish her Happy New Year, so if you read this Mary Happy 2010.

  3. Thank you for coming over to visit us. Of course Oscar I would never forget a handsome beagle - and you are very handsome.
    We are sorry to ready your post - some dogs are hard to understand - even for us dogs!
    You will be watching out for that dog next time - I remember ever dog that is growly and give them a wide berth!
    Of course Bailey just growls right back......but Bailey is much braver than me.
    love and kisses
    Martha xxx