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Double Trouble
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Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Classic "Before and After"

These are your "before" shots!

You will remember that this is Oscar's Lady Love, Susie, and this is how she looks at the start of every walk. A proper young lady dog who takes great care of her appearance (ok, her mam Mary takes great care of her appearance). Now Susie is a game girl, she likes nothing better than a wild race around the park and if there is mud to plodge in and balls to catch she is there. I think thats why Oscar loves her so much.

These are your "after" shots!!!

Yes folks it IS the same dog!

We had a nice walk in the park this afternoon, it was still muddy, the sky was back to a murky grey, and as you can imagine it wasn't only Susie that got dirty. It was a nice walk because a lot of Oscar and Ruby's doggie pals were out and about. Here are some shots of them too.

This is Lady and a little yorkie whose name I don't know (looks a bit like Pip but it can't be him cos Hippy Pippy is on his travels!)

This is Bobby aka Grumpy Bobby (such an unfair label for such a nice chap lol)

The ever friendly Barney

This is a very bad shot of Hetty, she is another of our friends, she is a lurcher and very difficult to catch on camera, her brother never stopped racing around long enough for me to even get a bad shot - I'll have to try again with these two because they are gorgeous too.
Oscar and Ruby went home tired, Oscar even got to have a little chase around himself as I dropped his lead for a few minutes so he could chase a ball with Susie and Ruby. Poor Oscar he didn't stand a chance at catching Susie as Ruby insisted on trying to nip his back legs and his tail. It's a strange sight watching a beagle trying to run with his tail tucked between his legs LOL

Back at home, dinner eaten and ready for a snooze, all in all a good day


  1. PIP will be so disappointed that he missed a nice walk at the park, but it is amazing that he has a double there just at the same time that every other furbody was!!

  2. It was nice to see all your friends. We think that a good thing about the snow was at least we were cleaner!
    Susie is very pretty but she will certainly need a spruce up after that walk.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. spruce up indeed that cruel owner of mine put me in the dreaded BATH i hate having a bath so left plenty of scrach marks on marys arms as she lifted me in i mean muddy waters great sea water even better but warm soapy water AGHHH HORRIBLE still i had a great time at the park

  4. Susie sure knows how to have fun! I'd love to do that!
    Glad you had a nice time with all your friends there!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hard to resist mud! You all have a lot of nice friends. We like Grumpy Bobby too.

    love & wags,