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Double Trouble
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Naughty embarrassing

I love my dogs, I really do but oh how embarrassing they can be!

I had a phone call from an old friend who I have kept in touch with but haven't actually seen for over four years. It was lovely to hear that she was going to visit on Monday afternoon. I knew we'd have lots to catch up on and that an afternoon of relaxing, girlie chat was on the cards, then you add in the beagles.......

On arrival my friend was of course given a huge welcome by Oscar and Ruby, lots of excited barking and licking and general excitement that a new human had come to see them. We had lunch and Oscar and Ruby gave us a wonderful display of play fighting - to the non-dog-owner this can appear quite surprising. After lunch I suggested we leave the table in the kitchen and go through to the comfy sofas in the living room, leaving Oscar and Ruby to have a nice sleep as they usually do at this time of day.

On exiting the kitchen, I took the cardigan and coat which my friend had hung on the back of her chair and hung them in the hall, just in case the dogs fancied snacking on a sleeve or two!?

I had expected to have to go back into the kitchen and settle the dogs after a few minutes but all was calm and quiet so I thought they had exhausted themselves with their fun fighting display. However, after 20 minutes or so I thought I should check on them as things were TOO quiet!

Oh dear!!!

On entering the kitchen I found that my friend had left her handbag hanging on the chair (I hadn't noticed this when I had removed her coat and cardi). Only it wasn't on the chair any longer, it was on the dog bed, with it's contents strewn across the kitchen floor!

Talk about embarrassing!?

My friend was really very understanding and laughed when she saw what had happened (bless her) I obviously don't know whether it was Ruby or Oscar or indeed both of them but I felt awful. They had completely destroyed a plastic biro pen, a bottle of menthol oil was broken in two and it's contents across the tiles (very strong menthol aroma still present in kitchen!)thankfully they hadn't attempted to eat her mobile but had chewed the corner of her leather purse. The remains of a female toiletry items half chewed was right in full view! and change from her purse had rolled everywhere.

Needless to say Oscar and Ruby got a strict telling off and knew they had done wrong. After clearing up the mess and profuse apologising from me, we once again went back to our chat........ low and behold we never had another peep out of Oscar and Ruby till tea time.

Added to my shopping list this weekend -

1 purse
1 bottle of menthol oil
1 pen
package and postage and yet another apology from the naughty doggies mam!


  1. Sorry i know it's terrible but i can't stop smiling reading your post. Sapphire would have done EXACTLY the same thing. so you think they would have a nice sleep at 'that usual time of the day'? i think u've got your answer.

    but i'm sure you still love them to bits, don't you?

    some serious case of Beagelitis. don't worry. you are not alone (:

  2. Wow, that was exciting! Purses have lots of good chews and smells. I never pass up a purse that's within reach!

    love & wags,

  3. Well, we are just glad that Ruby and Oscar are OK - our friend's labrador once did the same and unfortunately ate a packet of co-codamol!!
    At least she didn't have hundred of pounds that they chewed up!
    It is essential that all friends have a sense of humour when you have a dog or indeed dogs!

  4. It will have been that that did the all the damage. Is your friend calling again. Or will it be another 4 years.

  5. Both Cookie and I have chewed and destroyed Mum's purse, one each; both were her favorite items. Cookie even destroyed a credit card when he was a puppy, so Mum had to have a replacement issued!

    Your friend must have learned a lesson that she should not bring expensive items when she visits a house with dogs.

  6. That story made mary laugh i know it was oscar that started the chewing, seen it so many times him eating leather gloves plastic bags and other strange things but at least he could'nt run away with the bag till he'd completly eaten it!

  7. Ooops!
    Sure Oscar and Ruby had a very "interesting" time!
    Good luck with the unexpected shopping!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Oh dear! My girls would do the same. I guess its good that your friend sounds like a decent person or they might be horrified. My cat puked in my guests purse last summer. She had left it open and he had been nibbling grass...oh the horror. She hasn't been back.

  9. Uh oh... looks like you guys got busy in the kitchen and it had nothing to do with cooking.

    It is quite understandable to have interesting incidents when pups are around. Do accompany your mom in going to the grocery, alright?

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies