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Double Trouble
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Friday, 26 February 2010


We couldn't go far today because lots of water was coming down from the sky!
Our Mam decided it was a day for STAIR FETCH

Mam threw the ball again and again and we had great fun trying to catch it and fetch it back to her - up and down the stairs we went, phew! We were exhausted. After about twenty minutes we were both huffing and puffing - just look at Ruby's tongue hanging out!

Mam said we'd have to wait a few minutes before we could have our dinner (I was once sick after playing stair fetch and then eating - tut tut)

Soon we were in doggie dreamland - oh happy,happy (if rainy) days...........


  1. What a great idea to tire you out! We loved seeing the pics of you two looking forlornly out of the window and the stair fetch.
    You certainly were exhausted after that. We missed one day on Wednesday when we had blizzard conditions but other than that Martha does not let up unless we go out for a walk!
    It is very good for keeping our humans fit!
    We do hope you weren't sick after your dinner.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Well we dedicated dog walkers this includes Mary and Susie still go out. The beach was fine sun shinning and people sun bathing, Oh that might have been last year. No dead fish no excuse. They have give this out for all next week, JB sports sell water proofs, Brenda got John some because he got so wet yesterday.

  3. Rainy days are not funny but sure you made your day special inside your home!
    I have been playing with my mom all day too!
    Now, I really want to go out for a walkie!
    Kisses and hugs