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Double Trouble
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Friday, 5 February 2010

Hello Dolly


Always time for treat!

This is our friend Dolly, she is a working basset hound and a friend we haven't seen for such a long time, months and months! So it was especially nice on such a rainy, dark day to bump into her and her mam Anne. Dolly is another hound with wondering tendencies, and although Anne says she still has her naughty times when she disappears after a smell, on the whole she is doing well.

Later in the afternoon, we met Mac who very sensibly had his waterproof coat on.
It has truly been a very, very wet day here in Sunderland, but I still think I prefer it to the snow lol


  1. Hi ,We have not seen Dolly for a long time. We were at the park in the morning, you lot would have still been in bed then. We got so scruffy its like a mud bath, we went to the beach in the afternoon and saw Mary. The Echo came and took pictures of Lady and Lassie in the pub and on the beach. Two fat laddies or something like that.
    It was raining but at least on the beach its just sand, not thick mud.

  2. How lovely to meet your friends - of course we were immediantely drawn to Dolly cos she is a basset like us!
    Yes we do like a wander........we just follow our noses!
    We can be very good until we get a scent.......sometimes on the ground....sometimes in the air. Apparently we hounds can be nightmares off the lead but we don't agree with that at all.
    We like dog walkers who bring treats in their pockets!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx